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Artist C wRight ORaGaMI MYSTERY GARAGE PROTOTYPE CONCEPT GAME from 1999! WHO Rules even without rules? SELL TAKE OR PROFIT Opoly. Almost complete origami opens into. A fine line between Genius and Madness. That's how to find out what works.

And doesn't in game making. The multi-colored Prism paintings I cranked out around this time were about trying to feed and provide for a baby on the way. It was also typical colors for games like Brainstorm at Starbucks that showed up there afterwards. I was just getting the feet wet. You become reluctant at first when you see others who do not deserve anything, but just desserts for taking and coveting things that are not theirs to take.

There's always repayment for these wages. Yet forgiveness doesn't cost you a penny. Art is not easy when you sow, and others who did no work reap to their own hurt. They started doing the orange and turquoise combo trends among several others after seeing my new works. These are the same that will talk bad about you after they take that that's not for them, and the Owner of everything sends redemption.

It's not Van Gogh who did the scream painting. He also was cheated of his wealth. To add injury to insult, I was blocked on social media so I went to another that's also not social or good. We have got to be light in a darkened world. I don't hate anybody. Only those things that are done. There's always a repayment. I have joy and hope in that that is not seen.

Personally, i think that you need go to see art, and not wear it. The Lord comes as a thief, however. We enter into other's works. However, if you want to parade around in board game colors and absurdity then that's on you. It's really just a bad look.

I used to wear things to where they thought I was in an 80s new wave band. I'm just an artist. Site's been a SAFE SPACE since 2005. It's got 2 P's and not to be confused with sto p ots that showed up afterwards. It has a revolving sign that says stOP POts.

And it's the Gif that keeps on Gif... Forgiveness is better than passive aggressive nonsense online. Or anywhere for that matter. Like this 00711 special card. You have to stop the copying or I'll sue you to free up all your prisoners?

You've been caught in your own trap+00711. My life is exciting in this mundane, sad world because I no longer front, and try and mind my business. I used to sing for a parody band so that should explain it. We all are not perfect. Forgiveness means forgetting petty stuff.

It's an impossibility to avoid all of the world for the Lord said we would be tested. It's also righteousness with God to trouble those who trouble you.

The sound of One sends 1000 to run, and the sound of Two sends 10,000 to flight. You lift off that heavy burden called same old uncertain life to being born from above. The game works have never been given a chance, and I must keep working because it gives a sense of worth and purpose.

As you can see, It's primary colors on this origami, and was the first attempt before dumbing it down so to speak. It opens up into a 3D protogame with a tower and even an astronaut chrome plastic piece. Also pictured is one of the first prototype puzzle boards included so go for it! I DID NOT SMOOTH THE EDGES.

The letters would be all evened out with sharpie or gel pen. Every idea starts with a rough draft. This was an idea for a video game concept before virtual reality that's not real as well. Yet, learned what worked and what did not. Some boards were done with precision from drafting and decades of art experience.

So the paint program or corel or photodraw or photoshop etcetera makes a better game. That's part of the fun is teaching others. How to learn is up to you. My latest games were VS Hackers series, and all I can say is TRUE STORY! Also, much like any rainbow phenomenon, the circular rainbow that was reported in HI was also a promise between God and man that He would not flood the earth as he had done before.

Another day has passed, and it's 02.14.2023. Also a DDL game for that. Ive had a few art shows, but it's best to let the work speak for itself.

I put up junk online so they cannot steal other than silly persecution. It's light affliction compared to Heaven that awaits all who know, and are written in the Book of Life. So, it's 03.11.2023, and green beer and a no pinching zone for the games including POToGOLD. This was constructed from art and craft supplies, and held up to the Texas Heat for 21 years.

No tacky glue, or sticky. Just a few rough spots for a massive prototype game. This origami was made with paint and gel pens. Thick foam and wide velcro.

You get bonuses so look carefully for hidden digital games you can play from a RARE USB looking game piece from NYC. Also some rare game parts.

It's a mystery so.. Rocky with stOP POts Tm and. 0 0 7 1 1. This item is in the category "Art\Art Prints". The seller is "wrighcar" and is located in this country: US.

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  • Artist: Rocky Wright
  • Unit of Sale: Lot
  • Signed By: Rocky Wright
  • Size: s8x11 m11x17 L17x22 XL22x34
  • Custom Bundle: Yes
  • Item Length: 17 in
  • Framing: Unframed
  • Region of Origin: Texas, USA
  • Personalize: Yes
  • Year of Production: 1999
  • Item Height: 11 in
  • Style: 3D, Abstract, Americana, Art Deco, Cartoon, Contemporary Art, Cubism, Cyberpunk, Dot Painting, Fantasy, Graffiti Art, Hyperrealism‎, Illustration Art, Minimalism, Modernism, Outsider Art, Pop Art, Steampunk, Still Life, Surrealism, Urban Art, Experimental/Alternative, ACTIONISM, Mc Escher -esque mild dimensional, Basic Design VS Comic RPG
  • Features: 1st Edition, Limited Edition, One of a Kind (OOAK), Paint Pro and Photo Draw
  • Culture: Any
  • Item Width: 22 in
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Time Period Produced: 2000-2022
  • Image Orientation: Landscape
  • Signed: Yes
  • Bundle Description: Digital art game Cards.and digital prints by email or Flash Drive
  • Title: Sell Take Or Pots Opoly VG concept plus DDL
  • Material: Digital eliptical drawn art
  • Original/Licensed Reprint: Original
  • Subject: Anime, Baseball, Basketball, Billiards, Blade Runner, Bowling, Cartoons & Caricatures, Christmas, Family, Fish & Water Animals, Football, Gaming, Golf, Halloween, Hearts, Humor, Money & Coins, Musical Bands & Groups, Outer Space, Poker, Race Car, Seasons, Sports Cars, Street Art, Toys & Games, USA, Wedding, Wine, Travel & Transportation, Game Art
  • Type: Oragami print plus DDL
  • Theme: Advertising, Anime & Manga, Art, Automobilia, Cities & Towns, Comics, Cultures & Ethnicities, Events & Festivals, Famous Places, Fantasy, Fashion, Food & Drink, Graffiti, Holidays, Inspirational, Love, Movies, Music, Patriotic, People, Religious, Sports, Technology, Television, Theater, Video Games, Working Life, Leisure, Transportation, Travel
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Production Technique: Canvas and paint pro digital art
  • Personalization Instructions: 1999 R U out of your mind.

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