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Blade Runner 2049 Japan Limited Premium Box Ultra HD Blu-ray Japan Import Used

Blade Runner 2049 Japan Limited Premium Box Ultra HD Blu-ray Japan Import Used
Blade Runner 2049 Japan Limited Premium Box Ultra HD Blu-ray Japan Import Used
Blade Runner 2049 Japan Limited Premium Box Ultra HD Blu-ray Japan Import Used
Blade Runner 2049 Japan Limited Premium Box Ultra HD Blu-ray Japan Import Used
Blade Runner 2049 Japan Limited Premium Box Ultra HD Blu-ray Japan Import Used

Blade Runner 2049 Japan Limited Premium Box Ultra HD Blu-ray Japan Import Used
Blade Runner 2049 Japan Limited Premium Box Ultra HD Blu-ray Japan Import Used. Blade Runner 2049 Japan Limited Premium BOX (First produced only) [Blu-ray] Performers: Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Anna de Almas, Mackenzie Davis, Sylvia Fuchs Director: Denis Villeneuve Format: 4K, Color, Dolby, Widescreen Language: English, Japanese subtitles: Japanese, English Barrier-free subtitles: Japanese Region Code: Region A Learn more about DVD/Blu-ray specifications. Screen size: 2.35: 1 Number of Disks: 4 Distributor: Sony Pictures Entertainment Release date: 2018/03/02 Duration: 163 minutes. Received the 90 Academy Award [Film award] [Visual Effects Award] Blu-ray 4-Pack (4K ULTRA HD original disc/3D Blu-ray original disc/2D Blu-ray original disc/2D Blu-ray special bonus disc) The original design of the original disc (3 types) + bonus disc is set in a limited edition steel book made for Japanese fans and available only here, and it is a very luxurious box enclosed in a special outer box. It contains over 90 minutes of gorgeous special movies that fans must see, such as 3 types of prequels that became popular when the theater opened.

There is an elaborate replica of the must-have item "replica and the "horse " that played a very important role in the play", Decked Blaster, which was made to commemorate the release of this Blu-ray, based on the shooting props and engraved. In addition, this BOX-limited booklet contains valuable production notes that depict the backstage of production, and special newly written columns by Shinji Higuchi ('Shin Godzilla'), Hideo Kojima ("Metal Gear" Series), and Shinya Tsukamoto ('Tetsuo The Bullet Man''open fire'). This is a collection of dialogues between Tsutomu ISOBE (K role) and Yasuyuki KASE (Rick Deckard) who were in charge of fukikae of this work. After viewing this work, the understanding and consideration will be further deepened, and this book is worth reading. In addition to these items, there is also an art card drawn by manga artist Santa Inoue, who has worked on many music works and magazines, as well as 2 sets of B3 posters in which you can enjoy a total of 4 designs.

This is the ultimate limited box that you can enjoy the world of'Blade Runner 2049' with only 3,000 sets around the world. Are you ready to know? HUMANS AND CREATURES <> The that affects the fate of mankind is now revealed.

A classic sequel to the science fiction movie'Blade Runner', which is 35 years old. In 2049, during an investigation of an incident, the LA Police Department's Blade Runner (Ryan Gosling) learned of a fact that could destroy the human and man-made <> societies and their identities.

The man that K arrived with the key to unraveling the mystery was Deckard (Harrison Ford), who was once a brilliant blade runner and had been missing for 30 years. The secret that Deckard has been protecting at the risk of his life is about to be revealed -- the that will destroy world order and affect the survival of mankind. K: Ryan Gosling (Yasuyuki Kase) Rick DeCard: Harrison Ford (Tsutomu Isobe) Joy: Ana de Almas (Sanae Kobayashi) Mariette: Mackenzie Davis (Toa Yukinari) Love: Sylvia Hooks (Arisa Shida) Josi: Robin Wright (Rika Fukami) Niander Wallace: Jared Leto (Takuya Kirimoto) Sapper: Dave Bautista (Masashi Kimura) (Total about 34 minutes) Casting in a "human way" Action in the future a body that unites Clothes that color the skin (Total about 61 minutes)

video clip collection Cast & Staff... UHD only recording Premium BOX limited design label (4 kinds) Japan limited design, steel book + outer box NECA Decked Blaster Replica (With a serial number) This replica is fixed on a pedestal. You cannot choose the serial number. NECA "horse" replica (New York Comic-Con 2017 Sales Items) B3 2-sided poster (2-Pack Set w/Poster Case) Santa Inoue Art Card Included Privilege Limited Booklet Type-A (60 P) In addition to valuable production notes, a large volume of special booklets featuring columns written by luxurious writers such as Shinji Higuchi, Hideo Kojima and Shinya Tsukamoto, and interviews by fukikae actors. The content of the enclosed benefit limited edition booklet Type-A is partly duplicated with the other enclosed'Blade Runner 2049 [First produced only]' benefit limited edition booklet Type-B (20 P).

The revolutionary sci-fi movie'Blade Runner' creates a new . Does Android Dream of Electric Sheep? By Ridley Scott, based on Philip K.

Dick's novel'Blade Runner' and combining science fiction and film noir to create a genre that never existed before. 35 years later, the original sequel to'Blade Runner' which has influenced not only the movie world but also all other cultures including animation, music, art and fashion, and which carries on the DNA of the legendary story, is now depicted here. Ridley Scott, the director of the previous movie'Blade Runner' who was nominated for 3 Oscars ® Best Director for'Blackhawk Down''gladiator' and'Thelma & Louise' and who is still one of the most famous filmmakers in the movie industry for his overwhelming visual expression such as'Alien' and'Odyssey' will be in charge of the overall production this time. Director Deni Villeneuve, a self-confessed'Blade Runner' adherent, whose upcoming film'Message' has been nominated for an Academy Award ® 8 award and is highly praised by critics and audiences around the world.

Playing the protagonist K is Oscar-nominated'La La Land' and one of the most energetic male actors right now, Ryan Gosling. And the old blade-runner, Rick Deckard, will be played by Harrison Ford as well.

You can also watch the unexpected cast of the previous movie. The last scene that will remain in movie history is a must-see.

What is the difference between humans and replicants? A profound theme that goes beyond the framework of a science fiction movie and goes deep into the soul is asked to viewers along with overwhelming image expression and music. The world of'Blade Runner' has evolved with the latest technology. While faithfully following the world view of the previous film, the more dilapidated Earth is depicted with bold and overwhelming visuals by film director Roger Deakins, production designer Dennis Gusner and costume designer Renee April.

You will need a ULTRA HD Blu-ray playback compatible device to watch it. [Enjoy 4K ULTRA HD with high quality] The 4K ULTRA HD supports 4K resolution, HDR (high dynamic range) and wide color gamut playback. In addition to ULTRA HD Blu-ray playback compatible devices, we recommend that you watch on a 4K/HDR compatible TV. Please note that the jacket photo, product specifications, and video benefits are subject to change without notice.

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  • Brand: Sony Pictures Ent.
  • Format: Blu-ray Disc
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Region Code: Blu-ray: A (Americas, Southeast Asia...)
  • Edition: Premium BOX only in Japan (First produced only)
  • Director: Denis Villeneuve
  • Former Rental: No
  • Modified Item: No
  • Movie/TV Title: Blade Runner 2049
  • Actor: Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana de Almas
  • Release Year: 2018
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan

Blade Runner 2049 Japan Limited Premium Box Ultra HD Blu-ray Japan Import Used